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Dr. Samuel Kobba’s journey from a diligent medical student to a seasoned radiologist and a respected consultant in Germany encapsulates a career dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in medical research, education, and practice. His story is a remarkable narrative of perseverance, innovation, and dedication to the betterment of healthcare and patient outcomes.

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His career took a significant turn as he joined Radio-log, a network of clinics in southern Bavaria, until the COVID-19 pandemic, which led him to blikk Radiologie (now known as evidia), boasting over 75 locations across Germany. He also contributed significantly to Klinikum Aschaffenburg and Klinikum Darmstadt as a consultant. Dr. Kobba’s extensive experience in radiology, covering diagnostic areas such as neuro, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, ultrasound, CT-guided interventions, and especially

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Dr. Samuel Kobba - A Seasoned Board Certified Radiologist and a Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Kobba’s career trajectory took him to Berlin in 2004, where he furthered his residency at prestigious institutions like Vivantes Klinikum and Charite. Following his residency, he served as a fellow at Vivantes Klinikum until 2008, and then as an attending physician at Saint Augustinus Krankenhaus in Düren. His expertise in radiology was further honed during this period, leading him to a consultant role in 2019, where he collaborated with Professor Brassel and Professor Sommer on a chapter “ vene of Galen aneurysmal malformations” in the book ” Pineal Region Lesions: Management Strategies and Controversial Issues.”