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Dr. Samuel Kobba Dr. Samuel Kobba is an esteemed Board-Certified Radiologist and a Consultant Radiologist. He is renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen as the CEO of several successful companies, including flex medixx GmbH and flex-medixx(sl) Ltd. His radiology expertise and strategic business insights have enabled him to establish and lead these companies from inception to thriving enterprises. He has co-authored the book "Pineal Region Lesions - Management Strategies and Controversial Issues and is the Author of the soon-to-be-published book "The Fast Lane to Wealth: Millionaire's Journey." The Fast Lane to Wealth :Millionaire’s Journey
Dr. Samuel Kobba Board Certified Radiologist with more than fifteen years of clinical experience.

Dr. Samuel Kobba embarked on his illustrious medical journey at the University of Bonn Medical School in 2001, where he laid the foundation for a career that would span various aspects of the medical field, especially in research and radiology. His academic pursuit in medicine was rigorous and comprehensive, culminating in 2006 when he was on the cusp of completing his medical degree, pending his final exams. However, his passion for research led him to the University of California, Davis, where he undertook a doctorate thesis at the Genome and Biomedical Sciences Facility under the expert guidance of Professor Knowlton. During this period, Dr. Kobba delved into the intricate process of isolating cardiac myocytes—a procedure that demanded nearly six hours of meticulous work, followed by a series of experiments utilizing heat shock factor and TNF. These experiments employed cutting-edge techniques such as Western blot and ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay), both of which are paramount in the separation, identification, and detection of proteins and antigens in biological samples, through highly specific antibody-antigen interactions. His groundbreaking work in this field not only showcased his commitment to medical research but also earned him the title of Medical Research Scholar of the Year.


Dr. Kobba’s doctoral thesis, “Heat Shock Paradox: Role of Heat Shock Factor,” was a testament to his innovative research and was subsequently published in a renowned medical journal, marking a significant milestone in his career. Furthermore, during his time at UC Davis, he immersed himself in clinical rotations at the UC Davis Medical Center, working under the tutelage of Dr. Matthew Bobinski, Dr. Arthur Brooks Dublin, Dr. Rosalie Hagge, and Dr. Adam Greenspan, where he completed his courses with honors.


Upon his return to Germany, Dr. Kobba successfully completed the State exams in 2009, which allowed him to begin to practice. He commenced his professional journey as a resident physician at the University Clinic in Bonn, where he continued to engage in research. Throughout his journey, he was mentored by luminaries such as Professor Baumgarten, Professor Knüffeman, and PD Dr. Se-Chan Kim, who played pivotal roles in shaping his career. He extends his heartfelt gratitude to these mentors, especially the late Professor H. Shimassek, his personal mentor, and Dr. Seitz, who supported him through challenging times. His brother, Dr. Joseph Kobba, his cousin and wife,  Mr. and Mrs. Strasser-King, in Sacramento, Carlifornia, also deserve special mention for their unwavering support throughout his academic and professional journey. 


Dr. Kobbas career path led him to Berlin in 2004, where he continued his training at institutions, like Vivantes Klinikum and Charite. After completing his residency he worked as a fellow at Vivantes Klinikum until 2008. Then transitioned to a role as an attending physician at Saint Augustinus Krankenhaus in Düren. During this time his expertise in radiology flourished, eventually leading him to a consultancy position in 2019. In collaboration with Professor Brassel and Professor Sommer he contributed to a chapter titled “Vene of Galen Aneurysmal Malformations” in the book “Pineal Region Lesions; Management Strategies and Controversial Issues.”

His career took a turn when he joined Radio-log, a network of practices in Bavaria. However the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic prompted him to move to blikk Radiologie (now known as evidia) which has than 75 locations throughout Germany. Additionally he made contributions to Klinikum Aschaffenburg and Klinikum Darmstadt as a consultant. Dr. Kobbas broad experience in radiology spans areas such as neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, cardiovascular radiology( cardiac computed tomograms and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging) , ultrasound examinations, Ultrasound and CT guided procedures and particularly MRI diagnostics. His work in Doppler ultrasound technology and his emphasis on diagnosing and treating strokes demonstrate his commitment, to advancing knowledge and improving patient care.

The Radiology Department, at Klinikum Darmstadt has provided me with an opportunity to enhance my skills in radiology significantly. Although the workload was initially daunting, I saw it as a chance to grow than shy away from it. Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential for development. I had the chance to perform procedures ranging from computed tomography guided draining of abdomenal abscesses to intricate lung, liver and bone biopsies from different parts of the body with a focus on the back (vertebral column), particularly in cases like spondylodiscitis. My proficiency in conducting and interpreting cardiac computed tomograms (cardiac CTs) and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (cardiac MRIs) has improved tremendously. Being part of Praxis Radiolog, in Bavaria based in Passau and Klinikum Aschaffenburg made me feel like I belonged to an caring community.

The exceptional care and support I have received in Darmstadt from working within an interdisciplinary Team across departments, like Orthopedics, Neurology, Surgery, Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine, particularly Oncology and Cardiology, along with the administrative team has been beyond words. It’s a privilege and a blessing to work in such an environment. As a Radiologist my love for the field knows no bounds. If given the chance to start over I would choose Radiology without hesitation.

Dr. Samuel Kobbas journey from a student to an experienced radiologist and respected consultant in Germany reflects a career committed to advancing medical research, education and healthcare practice. His story showcases perseverance, innovation and a deep focus, on improving patient care outcomes.